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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

Jay, I just read it. I admit I didn’t sleep that much but you underestimate the amount of issues that can explode in one night.

I actually agree about the shadow.

The thing is though that Auburn doesn’t owe us anything. The fact he gives insight for free is already admirable. I gotta say no person/ group/ organization/theory I encountered was more helpful in my self development than CT though CT isn’t even specifically dedicated to self development. This is enough in itself and we are doing our best given the limited resources (time, money, information, etc.).

What you mentioned about Green Coyote’s opinion about Se seems to stem from an Se lead misconception. 🙂 Of course Se shows by Pe signals like alert eyes, perk ups, bubbling momentum, body swaying and by Se signals like amped eyes, the specific Se body sways, eye head parallel motions, bodily presence etc. It’s a function like any other. Also until Pe signals appear and come up frequently at least under CT standards the function is not fully conscious. I was showing probably all Fi signals before it was conscious. But I was not showing enough J and Ji signals. I was not getting into rigid states or using meticulous hands. If you want, I can show you before and after. It really is a big difference.

So, with all respect to Green Coyote, Se is a function like all others and rules on function development apply like in any other case. We can look for examples later…I have to run to work right now.

Men can be such kids. 🙄

Also Germany is full of deltas. There is a connection between quadra and place/race/people. European white people are mostly Fi-Te. I doubt it was mostly alphas who accepted the Holocaust because I don’t think there are mostly alphas there. Look at small German kids in commercials. Mostly Fi smiles. This isn’t very much of a counter argument as we don’t have the statistics yet but it’s more of a general idea.

I think what you said might be rather applicable to seelie/ adaptive vs unseelie/directive and I am now wondering if it is more of a pattern that alphas tend to be adaptive and betas directive. It is for sure one with seelie deltas and unseelie gammas but…I don’t know about Fe.


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