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  • Type: SeFi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Seelie

@jay, I think your Se is not conscious yet. You show some Se signals but I don’t see long lasting Pe signals.

I think casual hands come from Ni and they become pretty exacting at times with Fe too.

I think if you tried to imitate the full vultology and vibe of an SeTi you would see it will be very hard. We did some experiments of this sort in Fi tower. 🙂 Trying to modulate our Te and Pi. And we can do it better than we expected, but there is a certain toll we feel. But, I mean, really do it ! You would have to show something like Green Coyote’s mannerisms for a short time. I bet on a new tarot deck of the winner’s choice 😉 that either you will not be able to do it to a satisfying degree OR you will and you will feel completely exhausted after ! Maybe even confused and…hm? Manic? I guess inferior Se activated for a while would go in that direction, not sure. Anyway, very tired and there might be some short time effects – when I did Ni, I was scared during the experience and I became nostalgically patriotic shortly after. :))

Anyway what I mean is if Se was fully conscious, intense modulation of it would not be extremely difficult or tiring. You wouldn’t even need to purposefully channel it and there would be times when people could not tell for sure which function rules, you know?

I totally agree with your post and I am glad you are supervising us more closely in our function development experience. 🙂 Now sit and listen to some awesome stories about the underworld, dead people getting out of their graves, zombie apocalypse and stuff !!! :)))

On a more serious note, I do think Fe integration does take adaptive and directive Fe harmonization. And Fi integration also takes seelie – unseelie Fi harmonization. And my guess is there are also some deeper connections between functions, that we don’t yet completely understand, so when one is developing, it might pull out another one – completely or just partly. I don’t know if these are general patterns or if the connections develop different in every person. But some of their ground is shared. And I have to say my unseelie Fi seems somehow connected to Ni. So, in Jay’s case, there might also be a similar directive Fe-Se connection. And while developing Fi I also thought I am partly developing Ni ! I think it’s because they have some sort of dark secret passage between them. Where they meet and plan how to murder my Se, take over and make me become a gypsy tarot reader conspiracy theorist. :)) And something similar might be what is happening with Jay’s Fe and Se too..? And indeed I think it would be safer to first fully integrate Fe and then integrate Se.

I also don’t see full integration of all functions as the solution for everyone in any situation, because there are all sorts of consequences of making every function conscious, which are not all benefic or desirable. Just to give an example, I never thought developing Fi could have as consequence weird moments, when I become awkward, moody and kinda mean. I imagined it would make me even seelier and did not even consider the uneelie part as having any say in the whole process ! I didn’t even take the princess energy seriously and didn’t figure out the disadvantages, because from Se point of view princessy vibes are just…pretty, you know? I didn’t figure out heavier Fi can make you take some steps back from people you used to be really close to, because of a certain lack of alignment of principles or because you start to consider your personal values as more important than socializing ! To me it was just oh, how wonderful it would be to have conscious Fi, this way I could help people more with my lovely seelie feminine energy ! Which is wrong. Or rather…not completely wrong but just part of a bigger picture that involves both positive and negative aspects.



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