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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

Although the Cognitive Type is dealt during conception. Enneagram is dealt during the upbringing of childhood. I’d say the fighting energy comes from the 8 gut-fix within your 684 tri-fix. In some minor way you had to be the disciplinary protection for some nurturing leader that served the more innocent members of the group.

Added note: All suffered the most childhood trauma from… 8 was a sub disciplinary. 2 was a sub nurturer. 6 was living with too few rules. 1 was living with too many rules. 3 has had more than other kids. 7 has had less than other kids. 5 has had to find it’s own sub role. 4 disassociated from both parents. 9 associated to both parents.

I think you are demonstrating NiFe IIII at this temporary moment. You may want to work on a few more videos where you are freed from your temper.

All of us seeing how we can make the most of what we have and what we can do by March 😎.


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