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@bera & @greencoyote


What do you guys mean by this, could you clarify on how your environment is affected by your Ji?


Also Bera! I didn’t mention this before, but how you described making Se conscious for a Ji user was close to how my experience felt / continues to feel.

For me, my default state is and always has been defusing energy and remaining at a resting position. If I become angry, or excited, or any strong emotion really, I kind of settle it down and release it slowly from myself in order to remain collected.

I remember experimenting with harnessing my power and emotions though instead of leveling it all out! And I realized that I had SO much personal power just WAITING to be harnessed. A near infinite well of kinetic and visceral energy. That’s how I experienced my early conscious exposure to Se, and still how I experience it! So you were spot on ๐Ÿ™‚

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