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@supah protist I am curious to know if the results within this link helps you or anyone else find something of value.

As much as I’d like to give credit to the feedback providers I don’t think the reveal of discord names are a great idea.

“Host brushed me off and then sexually harrassed me. Asked me to share my girlfriend who’s next to me at this given moment. She’s an ENFP and not pleased at all. She’s utterly creeped out and I really don’t wanna bother with this anymore, which is why I am going to leave the server and block the host. He’s already pissing me off. Goodbye.”

I actually feel guilt, but don’t think I should be guilty. I kicked her of the game session with too much kindness. She didn’t run the software to see if she could participate. Everyone else was okay and ready. After the session we chat about me feeling so sorry about going on without her. Next, I misinterpretationaly start sexting her on discords DM, which seems to allow for free speech to a great extent. For harassment to be official the advancer must know his/her advances are no longer wanted. The only way this can happen is if you block direct communication and it doesn’t work. Finally as a non-conformist I practice limited affiliation with people whom are unwilling to share their sexual/emotional companions.

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