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I think you might be going about it the wrong way. The best way to bring it to consciousness is going to be figuring out why it isn’t conscious in the first place. For me, it was child abuse done to me by Fe users using Fe manipulation tactics. I had to get through that and then I had to reformulate my thinking. I had to look at Fe in positive way and so I found positive Fe dominant role models. Jordan Peterson worked for me. I did shadow work and inner child work. I read a lot Jung and also forced myself to talk to people and say “yes” to social things instead of no. I also put myself in situations where people would use those Fe tactics against me to challenge my thinking (that’s right discord). It will come in a burst. Try figuring these things out. Making videos is a good idea to check your signals but you have to do a lot of work with Fe IMO, because it is “feeling.” For us men, accepting that we can feel is hard to do sometimes.


It sounds stupid but remember this when you pay attention to your thoughts me “feels” I “thinks.” So instead of “I hate this” say “me hates this.” It sounds more feeling doesn’t it? It is giving voice to your emotions.


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