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A long time ago the ebook I preordered finally released (I think fully completed) while I was disinterested CT.  Then when I got reinterested I couldn’t find where I put it. It’s likely to be in one of my old computer which are both gone now. Rather then buying another one I settled for reading all the articles on the site.

I’d like to know what you guys think or know would happen If I tried to explore the possibilities of CT in my spare time with minimal book knowledge. Minimal book knowledge as in reading the ‘manual’ after some failure of actualizing a possibility. I really feel like doing this is the way for me to go about it with minimal resistance.

I’d like to know how I could do this in the most responsible way if I don’t look like I am already.

To be honest I get the feeling that you could have given more details into why the book correlates with my either pseudo or true findings.

There’s just something about Fe pro-activeness, Fe expression, and Fe interactions that I can’t seem to put my finger on. Perhaps Auburn already has this in the material as well. I guess It’s likely I’ll get to most of it eventually.

Last potential misunderstanding. I’m trying to pen down possible mistake of being too conclusive and ‘matter of fact’ with creating this thread. The feeling of ‘yes this is right’ just like had to be apart of what I was creating. The thing is there seemed to be no way to disclaim the absoluteness without it feeling inauthentic to myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot Fe conscious users struggle with defeating this impulse. All in all I owe it the CT community to either handle it or handle the consequence.

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