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The temptation the shadow energy brings is that of retribution. “For those to which evil is done, do evil in return.” It sounds awful but often we don’t realize we have given in. In the case of extraverted feeling we can believe that we are doing the right thing and serving a greater good, but if we are in our shadow form, that belief is a delusion. It is almost as if we become delirious under shadow possession. In the shadow form of our archetypes, it seems we forget our Self. We should also be weary the shadow collective unconscious is just as active, if not more active in persuasion then the collective unconscious. Ultimately, “the one you feed” grows and sometimes it isn’t our intention to do this, which is why it is so important to remove ourselves, if we can, from negative situations and people before they have their effect. It is also important to ask for help and to not dwell on things. The matter of shadow integration is not really brought up. What if these archetypes integrate our shadow, occupying the space, can we ever remove them? Is it still in our power to have a change in heart after, well, we know full well that we must have invited this in. ?

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