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“I think it’s important to find balance between these tendencies. Putting the heart and the feather on the scales and making sure that the heart – or the feather – is NOT lighter :)…but that they have exactly the same weight. So, basically tempering Je with Ji and Ji with Je every time it is necessary and trying to bring them close to each other’s level.”


What a creative analogy to use 🙂


I think in Fe warms Ti and it seems to play better if Fe is in the front of the stack. Ultimately, the ending to this video sums up the archetype. I experienced this whilst in the presence of the King’s energy:

“It is the man who’s voice comes from the center which lies within every man. It is the voice the minimizes punishment and maximizes praise. The voice that affirms clearly and calmly and with authority the human rights of ALL.”

The King’s energy seems to come from Fe and the Mother’s from Fi. Do you agree with this? You should be good at spotting the King energy and/or the potential for it @bera

It should be noted that dips into the shadow form seem consistent with the energy, whereas the other end, the weakling, is opposite of this energy. One can always turn the shadow form into the true form, so long as they have not yet been completely corrupted by it.

Can also look at the mother archetype as relating to water/earth and the father/king archetype as relating to fire/atmosphere (wind). ?

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