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I love this video, Jay !

I also think that triangle is very interesting (King – Tyrant – Weakling). I didn’t integrate Te but for sure when needing to protect others, I have seen my fear of weakness – my own and that of those around me – and I have considered using shear force to turn the tides to my favor. I can very well see myself looking at others with suspicion that they could usurp what is mine and I might raise my brows and shrug and say to hell with them. :)))

So this is even in me – a woman who has Te as third function and unconscious. I can imagine how this issue could impact someone who values Je more.

I think it’s important to find balance between these tendencies. Putting the heart and the feather on the scales and making sure that the heart – or the feather – is NOT lighter :)…but that they have exactly the same weight. So, basically tempering Je with Ji and Ji with Je every time it is necessary and trying to bring them close to each other’s level.

For Fi-Te users empathy can help counterbalance the mad desire for optimal results.

I am not sure I understand correctly how this works for Fe-Ti, so maybe you guys can explain what you think? It seems like Ti could be cooling off Fe and Fe warming up Ti, but this is just my general impression, it would be useful to get into more details. ๐Ÿ™‚

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