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@bera @greencoyote

Ni will bring a lot of good things. It is going create balance and easier access to the archetypes and your unconscious wonderings and wanderings. Nevertheless, you can’t be afraid of it. My childhood was full of nightmares, suspicions, and general discomfort in the darkness. I can only imagine how scary Ni in that inferior position would be.

Cody I think you are at a point where you aren’t afraid of it. I think Ni intrigues you and you are looking at it from the point of perspectives. I imagine it might burst soon after your Fe.

Bera, I think you are still afraid of that part of your psyche. Yet, you have all the potential for utilizing it in a positive and effective way for you, because very clearly have already embodied one of the archetypes. Your seelie energy withstanding the test of time and hardship is testament to this 🙂



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