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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

I think when it comes to PeJi I-I- types they expose their weaknesses and still move forward. The one’s on the top of my head are PewDiePie NeTi I-I- king of youtube and Julien Blanc SeTi I-I- king of game. Even SeFi I-I- from Iron Man was making a crap load of mistakes to illustrate the importants of perspiration after the inspiration.

Now that I think about PiJe as another percevier. Donald Trump (typed NiTe II– I believe) takes hit after hit after hit in-between each debate or interview but never during any of these session.

Even for myself I believe in being fearful in the short term yet fearless in the long term (I think it has to do with my conscious Pi). If I am outside doing whatever feel I like doing and someone offends me I’ll treat the situation like it’s all good weather I’ve been affected or unaffected. If it happens day after day people will call me a bitch even though I never stop doing whatever I feel like doing. Plus the most seemingly hostile offenders never risk their lives by getting in my way like I keep remaining them. I think a few locals are able to see the strength behind my resolve, but it seems like the outnumbering weak create the world they want to create in their combined minds.

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