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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Adaptive



Otherwise, this is one of those things I won’t get past. If nothing else, my partner has to grant me the presumption (a very strong presumption!) of good motives. I have dropped every friendship where I came to see this presumption lacking. Not right away, of course! Usually it’s after lots of rounds (because my Ne has to rule out a bagillion possibilities before I can really be sure.) Like I said, it’s the one thing I can’t get past, just recalling my history.


I really relate to this even though we have zero functions in common. I too give people many chances and a lot of time to redeem themselves if they keep messing up in my book. I too wish to be seen as having good motives and just in general feeling like my weaknesses and flaws are accepted. I try to believe other people have good motives too and really want my own motives to be pure. Something that is really difficult with the functions I have.

As far as the fighting and conflicts though I have noticed a similar trend with SiTe types. Especially Erik Thor who I think self identifies as an INFJ but auburn has him typed on here as SiTe. I watched a video awhile ago with him and two Socionics beta types and he absolutely does not like any sort of conflict. 

I envy the delta types because of this, they seem to be able to make their relationships work without drama and conflict. For me I might get bored with that. I am still trying to figure out how to release my aggression in healthy ways. Just seems like the deltas don’t even get there. Lucky ducks 🙂

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