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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Adaptive

I would never consider myself much of a fighter. Maybe thats because i dont have Fe conscious.

The few times i have been in fights it is when i am pushed to my absolute limit. Then there is no stopping me. I have learned to calm myself more quickly but the same aggression is still there.

Refusing to fight presents lots of problems. I would say more than dealing with aggression consciously.

That being said some of my most warm and endearing moments with my friends are when we are play fighting. However depending on the peoples reactions around me i wont do it in public for fear of making others uncomfortable. I like a little bit of combat and am very fascinated by people who move with extreme grace and power.

I used to be on a personality forum a while ago and was very caught up in stirring the pot. Experience has taught me to pick fights very carefully and that the universe has a way of winning battles in your favor.

With that said a little part of me likes the scandals. Maybe my life is too boring. So i look at others who stir the pot as endearing because i’ve been there and even though i choose not to involve myself with drama i do enjoy seeing it unfold.

However excessive fighting and arguing quickly depletes me. I really do value harmony, but I’m also not afraid of the process that creates it, which unfortunately at times means a little bit of disagreement.

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