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We live in a world where violence is frowned upon. However, violence is what keeps you and I safe at night, because as Jack Nicholson said, “the walls need to be guarded by men with #@$s.” “You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.” There is a lesson in what he said. That there is this dynamic of good and evil and evil prevails when good men do nothing. Hence, the irony of the name of the movie “A Few Good Men.”

@jay, Trust is also what keeps you and me safe at night. Trust that you are not going to do violence/harm against me because of your care/love for humanity and my being or at least because I trust in your capacity to follow the law (collective ethics of the tribe/city). Violence exists in this world, it’s true, but why? And how do you know what is good and what is evil, can one carry that knowledge in oneself and be confident that it is right? or is it formed from trying to help yourself and help others and following a path of openness and guidance from others/God/Spirit?

I’m sorry that you thought that I was “done with you,” but I’m trying to be more aware of myself and I noticed that my mask to you was becoming burdensome. In the end, I didn’t trust you as a friend and wasn’t open to you with my true feelings/thoughts and I had to end it, for now, to work on myself.

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