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@scientiam I thought you were done with me?


Simple to explain. Both of us did not handle the situation as adults. He was following me and I knew his intention was to follow me home. I did not know if he had a weapon or not. I was fearful for my wife and her safety if this person followed me home. The parking lot creates a bottleneck. What if he had a gun? What if my wife were to watch me get killed? I had to make the decision to pull over somewhere safe and deal with the situation.

Now, it is easy to sit back after the fact and say: “Why didn’t you just take the high road?” Well, tell that to someone who is angry and not thinking straight. Plus, I was in a bad neighborhood, which creates situations where the assumption must be as such: the intention is likely not to get out and talk it over.

We live in a world where violence is frowned upon. However, violence is what keeps you and I safe at night, because as Jack Nicholson said, “the walls need to be guarded by men with #@$s.” “You want me on that wall, you need me on that wall.” There is a lesson in what he said. That there is this dynamic of good and evil and evil prevails when good men do nothing. Hence, the irony of the name of the movie “A Few Good Men.”

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