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Hmm, this is an interesting topic.


I would say that I find I can be very hardworking. In the past if it was required of me to be hardworking I am able to do it, at least for short durations. When I am energized there is nothing I can do but work it seems. A week ago I had a lot of energy and it just turned into cleaning and being active. I also find that when my Fe is activated (helping people and seeing my environment recive a positive response from my actions) it fuels my activity in the Se department.

I have often been told by people at my job that I am very hardworking, never slaking. Although I do have days where I go into work and I can barely lift a finger. I think being Pe lead just means that the hardworking is more sporadic and less consistent.

I enjoy being in an energetic flow state, where my Se and Fe work in tandem to produce a sort of cohesive group atmosphere. However ever since working with my NiFe friend I have noticed that work doesn’t really feel like work and all the activities that I used to not be able to accomplish are being accomplished. However! I think there is a limit to how much we can push ourselves into a state where we are not actually 100% comfortable. So I know being a workhorse is not my thing in the long run.

Relaxing is more my thing than work, but I also know that in order to accomplish goals a little bit of hardworking is required. Different strokes for different folks I guess.

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