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@scientism please take the lead. I’m going to DM you my availability. @auburn if decide to be one of the first clients I’m looking forward to finally meeting you on vchat.

I think scientism may end up

  • getting an outline of the client.
  • molding the client to his own logical model
  • getting sense of functionality when ever a direction is suggested

I think @jay may end up

  • Building an archetype aside from type
  • Seeing potential shadows
  •  making stronger predictions every time a direction is suggested

I think @faeruss may end up

  • getting inside the shoes of the client
  • leading how the session is being represented
  • seeing how we may affect the clients desire to continue

I think I may end up

  • seeing how beliefs get in the way of the client
  • seeing how the session is stagnating
  • throwing test at the client

Note: If we start stepping on each others toes we might be able to stick with these assumptions as unique go to action abilities.

Note: You all may already know this…. Seeing as the world hold traces of consciousness from all functions. We may be able to do less from the perspective of any clients type and more from any clients dealing with their day to day life. Be seeing you all… hopefully

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