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It sounds to me like you did genuinely break out of your Ti ego attachment! ..and went into full Fe+Ni guru mode. That is, perhaps you understood, at the deep visceral level, the viewpoint of the Fe+Ni within you as valid, magnificent and powerful/alive?… Enantiodromia causes swings and counter-swings until a long-term sustainable energetic balance can be achieved.

Oh, thank you for letting me know what’s going on from someone else’s perspective😆, I was starting to feel discouraged a little bit because, in the end, all this is really crazy to me (from the old outlook/paradigm I had) and it has been very exhausting. You are right that Ni-Fe guru and especially the ENF temperament profile has come out of me and through it I feel energized/alive and “called” to be this way, so much that I know it has always been there but contained and forced to come out through other ways (like my dreams of being a filmmaker).  I looked up enantiodromia and I see more clearly what is happening now. I knew I was being submerged in my shadow and I think I went deep (I was able to get help from a spiritual healer through EFT and sound bath healing/ceremony and some crystals (don’t judge me please lol I think they “worked” too)  and by ultimately overcoming the state of fear I was in). I would tell the spiritual people what is going on with me and they would just be so nonchalant, while I felt like I was dying inside🤣 and one told me I had an “entity” following me at some point. But yea, I will definitely share/document what’s been happening, I just don’t know how to consolidate it all yet.

A small clan of four actualized Betas, of all four energetic quadrants, giving counsel to people on how to elevate their consciousness on each level – thus helping the human collective reach new heights of self awareness, seems like something right out of a myth, and yet perhaps this is one of the possible configurations that a knowledge of CT can manifest?

I think this is an even better idea and it matches what I have been envisioning 😃. This gives me “Star Wars: A New Hope” vibes (and one thing that my experience through this spiritual process has shown me is that “magic/miracles” in the universe is in some way real) lol what do you guys think? @jay; @epickalypze; @faeruss





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