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  • Type: FeNi
  • Development: llll
  • Attitude: Directive

I understand where you are coming from @greencoyote, butI would caution against the notion that a particular development, SeTi l-l- in this case, is the most well adjusted. It might be the most well adjusted to a given life/situation, but I doubt it would be so for all situations/contexts. Also, to harp on my usual stuff, beware anyone telling you there is something with only benefits and no drawbacks. There is always a trade-off: such is life under the sun. We should always ask ourselves, what is the dark side of this? What are we giving up to gain this? We often fall into thinking that if there is a benefit to be had, it’s worth having: we are maximalists of benefit. But we overlook the costs, we seek benefit, yes, but at what costs? 


To give a salient example from social media, most people would argue that using Facebook gives them some benefit, some of the time, and so, they continue using it. Perhaps they get 10 minutes a week of benefit, at the investment of 200 minutes a week. The cost they pay is not commensurate with the benefit, and few would continue in such a deal once they realise the costs involved.

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