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I relate to everything Doc has said, even the part where he mentions having to read the same line over and over -darned Ne- haha.

Thanks for sharing, here’s a little section that I want to focus on since it caught my attention:

another thing we’ve seen in CT with double extroverts is what I sorta call “uncompressed” consciousness, where the person thinks as they talk, or talks as they think — so that their consciousness is “out there” for you in real-time, as it happens. this causes it to be uncompressed, so.. discussion is very much a process of working it out in the present.

Last month I started noticing a little habit that I didn’t have before Te was brought into consciousness and is one that funnily enough, causes me to be extremely embarrassed if anyone sees me doing it.

More often than not, I just walk around my house or towards my local grocery store and think out loud things that I’ve done/experience/or would like to discuss or have a conversation about, like a movie that I’ve seen, food that I need to buy or a recent topic that I’m interested in. This sort of externalized-internal-dialogue, that I do to give shape to my thoughts, occurs while I wave my hands around like a lunatic as If I were talking or debating with someone even though I might be completely alone.

Prior to all of this, I could stay still, calm and talk as much as I wanted without having to be so expressive, nowadays I can barely form a sentence without gesticulating or going through a rapid rant that is mostly unintentional.

Although, I have to mention that most of those gestures and thoughts are clamped down and refined by Ji, so they’re not as “uncompressed” as I would like them to be.

*I do think it’s there! still waiting for your response on this matter.

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