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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

A related snippet, with Doc’s (FeSi l-l-) permission:


I learn best by watching someone else do the skill.
They almost don’t even need to explain it to me.
If I can be around someone doing it, I get it.
Doesn’t work as well watching a video, but still works.
I call it learning by osmosis.
I’m very visual spatial.

that makes sense to me

But, once I hit a wall on that, then my go to is asking questions.
I’ve always had trouble reading.
I just zone out.
Have to read the same lines over and over.

that’s actually in line with what CT has seen of double-extroverted developments. one thing we see is a very dynamic, rapid-pace conversational preference and a frustration with things like slow.. reading or overly detailed stuff

In OP, they keyed in on me being a double extrovert pretty quick.

another thing we’ve seen in CT with double extroverts is what i sorta call “uncompressed” consciousness, where the person thinks as they talk, or talks as they think — so that their consciousness is “out there” for you in real-time, as it happens. this causes it to be uncompressed, so.. discussion is very much a process of working it out in the present.
the opposite, “compressed” consciousness (double introverts) often focus on ‘density’, to where the thoughts are compacted into very heavy meaning-per-sentence.
the Je+Pe combo has a long winded way of saying the same thing
because it’s uncompressed, so it’s all [there]

Yeah, that resonates.
I also do this thing that is hard to explain, but I need to sort of just stare at something for a while to get it. I glance over the little details and start slowly forming this sort of mental map of understanding and then the whole picture eventually snaps into being. I then do this a bunch of times with the smaller parts and a bigger picture will snap into being.
My guess on this is that I’m subconsciously doing the inward density.

Like, it just has to happen on its own for me.

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