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  • Type: TiNe
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Question. Is auburn ok? He’s been an absentee landlord. :/

Heh, I have been trailblazing the realm of particulars, by setting up the GIFs for every signal. When this is finished (aiming for the end of the month) CT will finally be standardized — and each signal will be defined so specifically that all confusion should be eliminated. Current progress at: – It takes a crazy amount of time/focus to find the ideal signals for each one– sorry I’m not around as much.

– It sounds to me like you did genuinely break out of your Ti ego attachment! ..and went into full Fe+Ni guru mode. That is, perhaps you understood, at the deep visceral level, the viewpoint of the Fe+Ni within you as valid, magnificent and powerful/alive?

You certainly sound more Fe-Ni lately in your psychic viewpoints and values, and my guess is that the conjunction of Fe+Ni is in the process of stabilizing in your psyche; as though Fe’s integration with your existing psychic economy takes the form of a new roommate. Enantiadromia causes swings and counter-swings until a long-term sustainable energetic balance can be achieved. It’s curious to see your rapid evolution, and the dynamic narrative of Integration playing itself out before my eyes. It’s quite fascinating that you’re documenting this too, so other people can know what’s involved in the process. Cheers to you! <3 And this thread’s ideas have my support.

edit: A small clan of four actualized Betas, of all four energetic quadrants, giving counsel to people on how to elevate their consciousness on each level – thus helping the human collective reach new heights of self awareness, seems like something right out of a myth, and yet perhaps this is one of the possible configurations that a knowledge of CT can manifest?

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