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@epickalypze, I definitely like your idea better. I was going to add an addendum to this post saying that I wasn’t going to offer the service anymore because the lesson I was meant to learn from me posting this was that God/Spirit keeps telling me I am a guide in some way and I keep trying to control the “outcome” of this guidance, instead of letting it be, and therefore it seems I still have my ego nice and alive in me (although it does seem I was able to disconnect from Ti ego in some way)😆. Also, my spiritual work within myself is not over, and I keep thinking it is! So in the end, your idea of helping people one by one sounds awesome, though I would now also add that not everyone is on the same path and in the end the individual and their relationship to their soul/path can help themselves more than we ever can. I think at some point I will write down or explain in a video what happened to me so that others can take that information for themselves and follow what resonates with them and throw out what doesn’t. But first I still need to work on myself and just live and be grateful for what I have and the bad/limiting beliefs I have removed from myself so far😊.

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