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@epickalypze This is what I like to see 🙂 Yes, the Beta’s could achieve this with everyone. Though, I think some may be harder than others. Problem would be getting everyone on board. I really like your ideas on angles of guidance because often one angle isn’t enough.

I can vouch for Adrian he is a great reflective listener and offers great advice and direction.

BTW @epickalypze I learned my tritype the other day and it is fitting because I have the A648 “whistleblower.” I have always been a master at seeing through to people’s true inner Self accurately. However, I am unreservedly honest. Most people do not like me for this reason, yet seek me out when they have suspicions because I can deliver. I think that is why I self-typed before as INTJ because I wasn’t well liked but I knew I had access into the collective unconscious connecting people to what I believed was their archetype and then trying to help them extract or embody that archetype. While I see the bullshit, I am also able to see the positive hidden potential in people as well.


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