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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

Hay what if all four Beta’s got into self awakening one person at time. You can be responsible for direction; Me liberation;  @jay reflection; and @Faeruss expression. This is kind of up my ally having gotten involved in so much self help content and having had a perspectivising impact on some others, also I think my main contribution would be at avoiding cognitive dissonance . Reading Court Jester’s entry I think he can caught on to people’s hidden selves. I get the idea that Faeruss (I have a shy guy crush on um… Unfortunately ladies, I’d bet money that my usual hetero inclinations will win out) can release any pin up energy. All in all I think the best selling point will be that all four active N-ego betas are focusing on one person, and their relationship to the world, in four diverse ways. If we all decide to do it then my vote is for @Auburn to have first dibs on being our test subject.

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