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Animal, I am sorry that the culture of our group put you through a hard time and caused you pain. I would like to think that my group has developed a stronger culture since then, although I do not know who you are or when these incidents occurred. There was a period of greater toxicity with one influential member who we eventually removed from the diagnostic team due to a subject confidentiality breach. I think the culture changed a lot after that, although at no point did I think Beta NFs were glorified above Deltas. Quite the opposite in fact. Betas were being presented with the more controversial traits, and some EIEs were upset whenever we typed a famous dictator or madman as this type. Deltas had none of this stigma. Unfortunately, it is the case that Betas, being the world shaking quadra, have both some of the best and worst examples of humanity, while the Deltas tend to be nicer, more well-meaning and rather less influential beyond local connections.

I remember there was this one woman on the group who maintained that Socionics R was emotional in nature, rather than based on more set personal attitudes and relationships. I don’t know if this was you or not. I think she did leave after some disruption (disruption was more common then than now) and at least my perception was that she was some kind of Socionics E type who had trouble reconciling her understanding of Fi from Myers Briggs with how we defined R in Socionics and got very dramatic when people disagreed with her.

As for my own type. Gamma Researcher is not a typing that is commonly offered for me. The consensus is overwhelmingly ILE. Certainly, I don’t think I value R enough to be an ILI or LIE in the Socionics model. If my micro-expressions suit the NiTe of Vultology more, then so be it.

As for my Enneagram, I have in the past through 7, but I am no expert in Enneagram and am going to talk to an expert on the subject shortly.

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