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@auburn I agree in most respects.

I’m going to learn more about tritype and get back to you on this because I always thought it was interesting to incorporate that into how our functions seem to play with each other. I think you are on to something with a unseelie/seelie or adaptive/directive oscillation in moods. It may not be related to Enneagram though.

@echidna One thing no model has ever done is try to explain how trauma effects personality. Yet, everyone in the mental health community agrees trauma which can lead to PTSD-CPTSD BPD etc. alters the personality, because you do not develop a stable sense of self. It collapses your belief system in on itself and you lose a grip on your identity.  There is an overarching and controlling aspect that Shadow has where it feels like an ego hijacking. It gets so convoluted, it almost feels like the ego is doing the projecting and the shadow is doing the persona. I have a lot of ideas but I have only been into this for a few years. Prior to that, I was looking everywhere else unsuccessfully. What attracted me to the typology community was this flickering light in the darkness. I had been told the answer isn’t here, but I disagree, it is here because it is no where else.

I’m not sure if you, Jack, or anyone else has any ideas?

@rondo @scientiam this might interest you.


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