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I thought about it yesterday. For me this is a huge issue. I am a gossip loving person. I think this is already obvious to everyone who knows me. 😂

I think the rule we should generally follow or at least the rule I want to apply myself  from now on is – if you would not make a claim about someone in front of him, don’t make it at all.

Of course, no rule is perfect in all situations, it’s important to be adaptable, but at least it’s a place to start from.

So, leaving apart the fact Jack is here and wasn’t typed, which is Auburn’s decision and responsibility, we should not have talked like this about someone who was not here, which is our decision and responsibility. 🙂

I was typed 2w1 5w6 9w8.

About the mood changes, I totally get it, sometimes I feel the same way. Sometimes I become extremely angry and I just want to destroy everything around me, burn it all down. I don’t know much about Enneagram and about deeper motivations of other people, so in your case the motives can be different, but in my case what causes it is a rejection mechanism, so I feel rejected and after that I become angry and it’s sort of a nihilistic anger, it has some despair mixed in, nothing is of any value and in the end everything can just go to hell. …But I have a baseline cheerful attitude, so if someone catches the switch from one state to the other, it can be really funny to watch the oscillation, I guess.

I thought this is also a seelie – unseelie oscillation and maybe in your case it’s an adaptive-directive oscillation?

Anyway I wanted to provide some advice, I think, but basically I have no idea how to stop this rejection-anger pattern and usually I only manage to focus on not murdering anyone…😂 So, just letting you know you are not alone.

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