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@echidna Jack, we would have taken all of this old news down if we knew you were coming. Generally, people here are pretty accepting. Thing is I don’t know what has gone on in discord because I left that a few days ago. I hope they were not too hard on you when they learned who you were.

This was supposed to be a private forum but this goes to show that really we should all be aware of what we write and leave on these walls. I am sorry as well for the things I wrote. I wrote them whilst angry and before we had a chance to come to more of an understanding and get on better terms.

Frankly, I am still angry with Flowstate and that ESTJ girl pretending to be an ENFJ. I think I was angry before and directed a lot of it at you because it became a WSS deal and the beta in me expects you to lead that. Just as in CT I think the beta’s expect @auburn to make an appearance from time to time because this is essentially his kingdom, his creation, and his responsibility. This is one  distinction socionics makes about Beta Quadra I think is spot on.


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