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Thank you for your response!  Paired with @alerith ‘s response, this makes a lot of sense:

For me personally I don’t really think I’m limitless. It’s more, I see potential and I want to start working towards actualizing it NOW. Then you come across a new thing, which is also interesting and you see how it can be useful to you start working on that too. Then another thing comes along and another and another. Before you know it you are tangled up in many things and if you keep going you will be spread so thin you cannot do any of the things you’ve set to do. Without any proper focus on what’s real you will lose your grip and drift away with every wind that comes.

This idea – which Alerith also touched on – gives a lot of nuance to my developing understanding of Ne (which is the function I’ve struggled most to understand, so I really appreciate it).   It’s not about being limitless or wanting to ‘escape,’ per se, because perhaps all humans on some level need to escape; it could be argued that people like me and George RR Martin are doing that too. @Bera offered a helpful distinction between two types of escape which I really resonated with. 🙂  But what it’s about is seeing potential and since you’re not grounded in the ‘now’ but rather attuned to what ‘could be,’  you might follow too many potentials and end up spread thin.  Whereas Se, even if a specific Se person has a short attention span, they don’t tend to jump from one possibility to the next, they work with the thing in front of them, because theyre viscerally present with it.

Se seems grounded in the moment, when Ne isn’t at all. If you are grounded that’s fine, but it’s important to see that sometimes things aren’t as straightforward as they seem. Ne is prone to a sort of untetheredness and a lot of speculation, so I think it is best if those with it learn to find a way to ground themselves, so they know when to grab onto things and keep their feet on the ground.

Yes, this is basically the conclusion I had in my long post… that Se has more potential to get stuck in one way of seeing things while Ne has more potential to see too many until none are ‘actualized.’  Or something like that.

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