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It took me a while to parse what I personally “believe” my identity to be. I had a couple of ideas, but through my self-reflection I noticed that I tend to have various levels of engagement within groups, and myself. Apart of myself, as I see it, is “The Static Self.” – It’s a personal buildup of abstract principles and logical frameworks that reflect my thought process as it pertains to the world around me. The other part would be the “Dynamic integration of momentary information” where I subsequently take into consider the demographic I’m dealing with, the thoughts being considered externally, and external affiliations.

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Songs like this really vibe with me, because of the “Self-Reality” that it’s built on. It’s a song about a man’s mission in society and his understanding of the world in the context of his life. It’s about him communicating his inner-found meaning and bringing life to others who have lost their internal fire. It’s primarily a struggle of self, verses the structure of reality, to create a resemblance that they can call “Self.”

I can hear the lyrics over and over again…
“All they ever see is my face,
it’s all part of the show,
our masquerade, always
Dawn is only so near,
and our pain and our pride
is all we have here,

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