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  • Type: FeNi
  • Development: llll
  • Attitude: Directive

That’s interesting, I hadn’t thought about it that way. I will follow your prompt by looking not at Fi-leads, but at Fe-leads. I posit that there is also a similar phenomenon going on. The two types of Ti seem to me to be a clarifying/critiquing/cleansing Ti and a more active castle-building/exploratory Ti. I almost exclusively engage in the first.


I wonder, though, whether we are getting at a reviser/conductor difference, perhaps the kind of Ti that I find hard to engage in is the sort of revisor Ti that is inextricably linked to the operation of Pe, whereas in conductors it acts as a critic of the Worldview and implementation of the conductor agenda. Similarly, the shepherding Fe seems to me to be more accessible at the conductor level, where one is pushing a worldview into reality.

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