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I think the chart is pretty accurate !

I also use escapism, so it’s for sure not only an Ne problem… But I do see things very well before my escapes.:) I sometimes look at life with the intent to see everything that could be defective and rotten beneath the pretty and shiny surfaces and then, after seeing it, I get into escapist routes.

But I believe my tendency to look for what is wrong and dark and disturbing is pretty new. I can not say I was like this as a kid or teenager or younger adult. I used to be pretty hopeful and naive…until I lost that. At this point I think wickedness could not surprise me anymore. Someone showing his darkest side wouldn’t surprise me, because I probably already considered it myself. Because I see…and this is sad, but here it is, I see a pattern of evil and selfishness and materialism in humanity as a whole. Also, a pattern of deceit.And then someone new doesn’t even have to do anything suspicious, I am already checking what is rotten about him by default. :))) Of course, I exaggerate a bit but there is a pull in this direction that I can hardly control.ย  And I do believe people usually have good intentions and a positive agenda and that the flawed character of humanity is just there and undermines them. ๐Ÿ™

And here come 2 possible ways to handle this (because I have to say naivety sounds like a bad thing and “knowing” (?) sounds better but this is a wrong perception, “knowing” is NOT better or at least there are huge challenges in both cases ) :

– Escapism…for example I can play video games instead of listening to people telling lies about themselves and others – at least video games are fun. I don’t imagine a whole inner world though, I don’t have this gift of being able to construct inner worlds and complex narratives. I jump into already made worlds, being perfectly conscious I want to escape from this one. Which means Se users can be escapist too. But maybe we prefer to escape to places where we can haveย  intense experience going on in the here and now. Playing a game is like this. Daydreaming is a bit different and I do it too but I really can’t say my daydreams are unusual, never heard of scenarios, where I put together totally different ideas and images and create something new…nah, not really :)) They are pretty much short romantic stories, nothing extraordinary.

– Dreamworld extended – so, this is different from escapism. Life becomes part of dreamworld and every event in real life can be connected to events in dreams, symbolic content I have recently seen or thought about or someone else has mentioned, tarot cards I or other people drew, planet transits, Moon phases, events in other people’s lives, other people’s dreams…it never stops. There are associations linked to new associations linked to new associations. I hate to use the word web but it looks like a web. I can not prove this is not all created by myself. I don’t know if it’s created or perceived. It has a surrealistic vibe, but it doesn’t happen outside of real life, it’s a merging of reality and fantasy. Probably with a some effort I could create a narrative/mythology containing all that I see as being connected, but right now I am just living this in the moment because – as I said above, I can see the defective underneath and the most beautiful experiences hold beneath them the most potential to turn into something awful. So, I am trying to walk carefully, the ground is thin and shaky and there are monsters underneath. ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, dreamworld can be confused with an imaginary place in the mind and I believe the imaginary place is rather an Ne thing and dreamworld rather an Ni thing.

By the way, I noticed recently I started coming up with all sorts of concepts to help express myself condensing a longer explanation in one word. :)) Dreamworld is used here for this purpose, it’s not a psychological concept or anything like that. I needed to say this because I felt someone thought my 3 layer idea was a real acknowledged thing. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, maybe it is and I took it from somewhere without realizing, anyway, I know this will sound hilarious:)) but the purpose of these words is to make sentences and paragraphs and explanations shorter !

In dreamworld I don’t think what could be, going forward..I think ok, what happened today that matches this pattern that I assume is here ? In my mind it’s a sure thing something already happened (!) that is a piece of a puzzle that conveys a specific personal meaning. I find it thinking about the concrete moments and images I saw in the past. I don’t really “imagine” anything else but that there are connections between real objects and events. If I imagine it and don’t see it, which is not clear to me at all. (which is the danger and the thin ground issue ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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