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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Great post @auburn! I really like the way you describe how Se is embedded in the timeless worldview of Ni ^^ Your lovely graph helps me make sense of the holism and inevitability that emerges in Se/Ni, vs the compartmentalization and changeable possibility seen with Ne/Si 👌

You mention your and Bella’s proclivity to escape the imperfect real world into a fantasy realm.. I relate a lot with this too 🙂 I think I mentioned before how I constructed an alternate world called Unisis, and spent much of my childhood daydreaming of being part of that realm where fantasy creatures existed and everyone was immortal ;p This kind of daydreaming reminds me of:

I want to mention though that I’ve had discussions with @animal about this topic, and she describes having a very similar experience! Her world of Erosia parallels my Unisis in a lot of ways, and we both were motivated to build these alternate realities to escape the pain and unfairness of real life.. We also both have had a deep desire to find our ‘tribe’ or ‘kin’ who we felt were others from our world. So I think it’s not just Ne that does this sort of thing, it seems to me that it’s a product of imagination – and perhaps Pe in general as it relates to the process of imagining..

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