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However, egos aside.. I’m a high-Ne user and exist as a counterpoint to the notion of Se realism being necessarily more privy to what ‘is’ with regards to typings at least, and I consider my own functions to be capable of using specifics as echoes of universals too.

This isn’t actually how I see it either. I hadn’t had a chance to answer your post in full yet. There were a few things you said which didn’t exactly reflect my view, and the one that stood out the most was this:

Se/Ni appears most suited to pick up on natural law patterns

I don’t believe this and never did. You have obviously picked those up, and yes, science is a good example of this too and I think the Ne quadras on the whole are better suited for it. I mean, I have always thought this even before I came here. To me it’s self evident.

I didn’t mean to imply Se was better at picking up natural law patterns overall. What I was saying was more along the lines of, Se picks up patterns similar to Enneagram which are based on things right in front of them, and that there’s a seeking of the universal in that TOO, even if it doesn’t immediately appear so to you or other Ne users, due to the use of specific examples. (I think you are framing it well now, though!)

So I think that was a misinterpretation of my post. As I elaborated later, I’m not good at understanding what Ne is doing, so that’s why I put more weight on trying to convey thoughts on Se, but I definitely did not mean to imply Ne can’t do that.  And I’m not saying this out of some hope of being egalitarian. I’ve been pretty open along the way, that I had no idea what the point of Ne was; but by now I get it, I just can’t articulate why or how that matters. In my world, science, medicine, out of space exploration etc — matter — but open ended possibilities just feels like a waste of thought and extremely unsatisfying too.  If I imagine myself doing that it feels like I don’t exist.  It makes me feel cold, lost and purposeless.  Also, of all the open ended ideas Ne users come up with,  only some discover something that ‘holds up’ and has any bearing on the real world or humanity at large. (You are one, and your sense that Ne is superior may also be because you’re smarter than most people.)  The “100-120 IQ” Ne user can feel to me like they childishly refuse to accept the reality they are in. They’re always bored by having to be present, and escaping. Which is fine morally, but just seems boring to me, like erasing your own existence.

However, I can appreciate that this way of thinking leads to some amazing things in society at large, which is why even though I don’t understand it, I can say — I see what it’s doing and I’m glad they’re doing it so I don’t have to. 😀

I agree completely with the differentiators in the second half of the post and the diagram. But it’s funny that your language is so revealing and I wonder if I can explain my pov on this. It might have to be a little later as I don’t have much time atm.

This is not the case with Ne, which more readily admits that what it views is a brainstorm of multiple possible futures. This creates an asymmetry in the epistemology of the two axes, where Si/Ne can admit to what is (and has been up to now (Si)) while having an open question as to what might come next. The starry-eyed unknown. And this open question can include the future (futurism), the self (multi-potentialite), multi-identity, etc.

It’s funny that you phrase it as “admit to what is.”  I would just never say that. It’s as if you have to surrender something in order to “admit” that things “are.”  😀 . That’s just the implication I caught in the phrasing – correct me if I’m wrong.

But I have observed that hesitancy in many Alphas. It’s a little different with Deltas in my experience but again Im not sure how to articulate this, I’ll try later.

For now I will say, beauty always has been and always will be, and it makes me sad that some people find it so boring that they walk outside of it instead of dancing with its rhythm and being saturated in its energy.  It feels to me like an empty life, to always live in some other non-existent possible scenario, which is why I’m happy others are around to do science so I don’t have to. 😀 . That said, I also live in my “home planet,” but it’s not the same because it parallels and expresses reality through symbolism. Although I technically write “fantasy” books, the relationships and themes echo my real life and the universal principles that reveal themselves to me, making it feel very real.

Sorry if that sound vague but it’s the best way I can think to phrase it right now. More later.

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