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“This core seems to create a layer around it, formed of general beliefs about who you are.”

Up until two years ago I have been fully indoctrinated by all layers including 2 & 3 with CT/MBTI being apart the last two layers. So I can’t say Ti/Fe is different from Fi/Te in such a way. However Fi/Te character creating behavior VS Ti/Fe behavior creating character that’s interesting thought. I think Si/Ne would focus on behaviors, whereas Ni/Se would replace behaviors with experiences. So in this instants; Fi/Te character creating experiences VS Ti/Fe experiences creating character. I feel like I just nailed myself down with pinpoint accuracy.

I was wondering what your thought would be of these adjustments.

The first layer is all you need, as pure least resistance flow/being or a single expression of god.
The second layer can be no longer perceived, but is psychologically difficult, yet beneficial overall.
The third layer can be no longer perceived, but is socially difficult, yet beneficial overall.
CT can be apart of the second layer but is beneficial overall for it to be perceived in none of layers or perceived as the body layer like one’s neural network structure.
I might say your Fi was creating a density were as my Ti was just creating a vacuum.


“I could look at someone named Sarah for example and give a list of things she is or is not. “Sarah is a woman and not a man. Sarah is tall and not short. Sarah is smart and not dumb.” Etc etc

OR I could look at Sarah in terms of various qualities, attitudes and motivations she possesses!”

I love your contrast it give me a much needed clear view of the objective and subjective different between Fi and Ti. This example coming up definitely takes those ‘is statements’ into account. If a man thinks he is a woman. Many years ago I would’ve laugh at him. A few years ago I wouldn’t care. Today I don’t say he is delusional for thinking he is a woman; instead, I’d say he is delusional for taking the social construct of gender roles and physical apparatus at that level is as important as an “I am” statement. This is what I did a few years ago saying ” I am a straight male”. Such a believe is inhibiting of the persons inner essence and is wasting potential. If close-minded I don’t want him as a friend.

This could be a misconception but I think TePi tend to keep the social construct and make an objective judgement at ‘I am’ level statements.


“Yes, and at the core perhaps there is also repugnance and hate?”

Seeing you possess TiSe and writing this makes me feel like I am more Fi friendly. This makes me want to see the world from your shoes. Which may have something to do with me never fully being an atheist or even agonist after I left Christianity. This might have something to do with my continued admiration for the Starwars universe and ‘the force’. I think it locked me in as deist without my intellectual knowing. Until I looked up the all the proper terms on the tube at age 25. I never thought of it that much but I actually love being a plain deist.


“I see people as a spectrum of potential. ”

It’s amazing the pretuclar way as to how I relate to Spectrum. My SiFe Mom wants me to identify myself with something I appeared to like as a child which was her musturd chicken but I can’t… not the way she may want me to. At first I thought I like a constant variation of foods. Which is also true but less so than how I made it out to be. What really happens is that I like a variations of something that is pretty familiar to what I had before, but not too far unfamiliar. So order for me to eat a PhillyCheeseChicken I’d have to have eaten a PhiliyCheeseSteak a least a week before hand. So I’d like to call it Spectrum squared to the power of 2. For me I find a STRUCTURED change in my fundamental spectrums. But maybe this is still exactly what you are talking about… if so that sucks… I wanted to be contrarian toward you.

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