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@animal and @ivory I was actually thinking of you two as counter examples to this today while driving, specifically how Ivory is more onto motives while Animal is more in tunes to meeting the person where they are. I have to say, I do think there is variation is how Fi and Ti assess and conceptualize motivation and cognition, but I can’t put my finger on it yet. It bothers me that I can feel it but putting it into words escapes me. I can only say with certainty that Ti does seem to further remove personal context and treat the self in the second person. Oh, and that a FeNi would feel the weight of human constraint with similar gravity that I think a Fi lead would. Even moreso because the parameters are clearly defined from the outside, with both Fe and Se. So it’s like a “What I’m seeing doesn’t lie” kind of a belief.

I saw brief bits of a convo on Discord but didn’t have time to read it. It mentioned emotion, and I think emotion is tied to belief. Change your thoughts, change your emotions. Though I can’t see how access to unconscious beliefs would be restricted in any type, some people seem better able to change an underlying belief that doesn’t serve the self well psychologically, and I’m not sure if that is somehow related to the J axis. I feel I’m pretty sharp at accessing the belief behind the response (in myself and others), but the belief itself is a bit more immutable to me. I also know how much value you (Animal) put on the ability to become what we choose to become, and I wonder if that belief is something that comes easily or if this is something you’ve fought for.

PS. Was thinking of counter examples this am because I have also known some FeTi people who are shred at picking up on motivation. As well as others who are not. So, grrr, what’s the difference? Perhaps more enneagram related?

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