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I use this sheep/dogs in a fence analogy with Fe and sheep/dog chained to a post analogy with Fi to show how we draw (epistemologically) our constraints.


My Ti is offended if you are calling me an Fe sheep🤣.


It looks like there is a core formed of receptivity and love (I have seen them called spaciousness and passion – if this is of any help). I am not completely sure if this is one substance that can take 2 different forms or have 2 different attributes  (like water reflecting and nourishing) or if they are 2 substances that can never be completely separated from each other

Yes, and at the core perhaps there is also repugnance and hate? Which I think feeds on our animal instincts/emotions for living life. Both Fi/Te and Ti/Fe are manifested in our need for bonding/acceptance/identity/survival/attacking but in different ways. One thing I noticed on in your post is that Fi builds a belief structure through their “core” attraction/repulsion, while I feel Ti does the same way (as in there is an element of instinctual attraction/repulsion) but through a method of attraction and repulsion that finds inconsistencies in relationships if information. And the self is not thought of as coming from inside but as a process of delineating relationships. What do you think?

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