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Well…a long time ago, when I was in college, I saw something that might be considered a representation of an archetype in physical form.

At that time I was taking some pills for acne, which later were completely taken out because evidence was found that they caused dangerous mood swings…Also I was not sleeping enough.

So, one night I thought I saw the shape of a woman on my door. She looked like a queen. I could see the crown and she was holding something in her hand that I first thought was a scepter. Of course nothing had changed from what I had seen every day till then but I could suddenly see this woman that had not been there before… I thought it was the Empress in tarot. But looking closer, I arrived to the conclusion that she was holding a scythe and not a scepter. So, then she was death.

I stood there for the whole night, looking at the shape from different angles. It didn’t just appear at specific times, it was there…permanently. As if it had been carved on my door. And – I’m sure this will not be surprising at all – I thought it was a death omen. :)))

Later I realized sometimes the Empress IS represented as a woman holding a scythe and the general theme shown is that of harvest and not of death. At that time I didn’t know this detail. I think death is a darker part of the Mother archetype anyway, isn’t it?

I soon after stopped taking those pills (because it was pretty obvious they were the cause) and my door returned to normal. I also read that people tend to see holy apparitions of saints on stone, tree trunks, church windows…even potatoes. 🙂 When we spot a pattern that somewhat resembles a human form, we tend to fill in the gaps.

I am not sure what it means that I saw the Empress/ the Mother (?) and not something else. But now thinking of it, maybe this was my mind signaling that the pills I was taking were dangerous. So I saw Beauty/Nurture somehow combined with Death or at least I interpreted it this way. If this is true, I was not even having a delusion – it was rather some sort of  very strange advice. 🙂

I am not sure this is relevant to the question.

There is another thing that can happen – so…I sometimes see a certain event/object superimposed over real life events/objects as if they were 2 different layers. But then the new layer is just in my mind, I don’t really perceive it with my senses. It feels a bit like entering a different realm, so the atmosphere is clearly changed. But I don’t see anything that is not objectively there, if this makes any sense. It can be simply the past coming back…while walking on the street, I am here but I am also in the past and an event is repeating itself in my mind but as if it was happening here and now. Or something can happen that seems to help me solve a puzzle and I first get into the realm of many layers in order to solve it. :)) Or I recently read a story and someone is now telling me something very similar and I get the strange sensation that the 2 moments are connected and almost this impression of layering – for lack of a a better word. And the new/spiritual/imagined (?) layer can contain archetypes, I think…but it doesn’t have to.


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