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Jung claimed his model wasn’t finished – and Auburn has taken it to the next level. I also imagine Jung would be proud. He might be even more proud if realism were emphasized in the Se description, given that for him, realism was the foundation of Se. >:D   Sorry, I’m half kidding…

… point being, there are things we can all nitpick, descriptions that are not quite finished, marketable videos that are as of yet unmade.  But frankly, I feel it’s intellectually dishonest to claim that someone can be NiTe in CT but LSI in socionics and INFP in MBTI.  Jung himself had said your brain wouldn’t function correctly without just one function being dominant. You’d live in an undifferentiated soup. Like after a lobotomy.  So I think the “you can be a different type in each system” schtick comes from a refusal to accept one’s typing – or to reexamine one’s understanding.  It comes from a misunderstanding of what type IS and what lies at its foundation.

I have talked a lot about how I was bullied into typing as Beta. I argued with them relentlessly for months before actually considering I might be wrong. And, I WASN’T wrong, that’s the funny part!  I was typing as ESI / FiSe , much closer to my real type. I brought up SEE/ SeFi, but I was “too focused on my long term visions and goals, too singular-path minded, too introverted” etc, so nobody was buying it.

A lot of this happened on Jack’s website. He and everyone else insisted I was SUCH a Beta NF and I couldn’t see myself properly. I was deluded about myself.  They ranted and ranted about how I can’t be a Gamma, I’m such a Beta, and how could I not be Beta NF?  Finally, some guy typed me as LSI (TiSe) and I was extremely skeptical but at least it included Se. What sold me on it for a while was that he kept telling me TiSe was “beta” in energy (which everyone INSISTED I was, even though I kept saying I relate to Gamma) — but seemed very much like a SEE (SeFi). I asked why not just type me as SeFi then? But there was so much over-reasoning, words and concepts that I got mixed up and finally dove into TiSe…. which ultimately lead to a foray into FeNi because I knew I wasn’t a thinker.

I have been saying since the start that some parts of Auburn’s Se description are fundamentally “wrong” to me – and don’t fit me or many other Se leads, including people here and celebs I’ve posted here to get typed.  I’ve started many arguments about it. However, his typing of me is obviously correct, and Se was already on the table among my close friends, as a likely lead for me before I got here.  @Thanatesque actually suggested it!  And I was still in the process of digesting that when I got here, and SeFi was confirmed.

I do fit the general idea of Socionics Se, though Auburn gets some things right that Socionics misses (in my opinion… of course, I could be wrong too).   Overall Auburn’s concept of the types, the system as a whole, and the internal workings – makes much more sense to me than any other set of descriptions and concepts I’ve encountered. And that is exactly why I got so intense in arguing about the Se description, because I feel it’s so CLOSE and yet misses something essential.

So this is just one example of how you can embody a certain type, but the descriptions aren’t compelling to you. That’s why typing by words and descriptions is inadequate. You have to see what type of information you’re putting out, visually and more, and then consider that the descriptions in general are trying to encapsulate a ‘bottom line average’ and may not fit each person perfectly.  Also, no one would fit a “single function description” because our psyche contains other functions too.

There will rarely be a description that is good enough to type yourself with, though some descriptions are worse than others at showing the meaning.  I feel many of Auburn’s descriptions get to the foundation brilliantly, but Se was lacking.  I thought this even before I knew my type, so this is not about “me” but more so my understanding of the types and my investment in the progress of Auburn’s vision. I know there will be, and have been, others that react like I did to the Se stuff… so I feel that is one thing that eventually needs to be addressed so that the system is palatable. There are others but my own understanding is weaker and I don’t have as many constructive thoughts to offer.

When Auburn strips the functions down to the basics – and writes shorter blurbs on the quadras – he makes perfect sense. Those short descriptions have just enough information to cover the skeletal foundation of each quadra or type, without adding more stuff on top of it to complicate things and make people say “I don’t relate.” Longer descriptions bring it to life, but they are HARD to write. It’s near impossible to make it narrow enough that people who aren’t Se lead don’t relate to it as much, and yet broad enough that EVERYONE in the world who is Se lead would see themselves in it clearly.  If you have ever tried to write descriptions yourself, you’d see that this is a really tough balance to get right.

And this is why I stopped arguing with Auburn about Se descriptions and instead started trying to write some myself. (They are still evolving.) I saw that he got the balance perfectly for some types and for the quadras, and I figured in time it would sort itself out. But the important thing is, I got typed correctly REGARDLESS in his system. It didn’t matter if we bicker about words in a description– we all could see the basic foundation that was driving ME, and thus type me.  And that’s why CT is so far ahead of anyone else.  Everyone else is bickering about “I fit this description but not that,” — and typing themselves on this basis alone.  Whether it’s one description or 1000, same deal.  We can argue here about descriptions too, but it doesn’t change our idea of our typing.  Whereas over at Jack’s forum, people could type me as Beta NF because the descriptions say FeNi is the most passionate artistic type and look how on fire I am!  I’d say it’s bs, but every online community is similar to this unless they consider visual typing. When you type based on nothing but words, it’s meaningless, period.

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