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@jay, I wish I could have been by your side friend, we could have defended CT together 😆

This is just what I envisioned, my mind is blowing up 😵. I think you are doing a great job preparing, I am in awe, and I am getting a feel from our own member’s responses for how difficult it’s actually going to be for CT to get adopted widely (other people give preference to different information (as you say, rhetoric and persuasion), and therefore the time to convince people of a paradigm increases exponentially because CT language (both its “NT” and “ST” dialect) works at a different pace than the general/public”logos,” and yet I think that although it would be difficult to convince the whole typology community, it would be far easier to convince the scientific community and through it’s “authority” it would be accepted widely. That is why neuroscience/genetics seems like such a magnetic field for CT, because we can see the objectivity of type in connecting objective grouped expressions ≈ personal psychology, and therefore a concrete objective “type” structure must also exist, especially in our biological structures (because it is scientifically assumed that it is where the possibility of mind/conscious experience resides). This is very exciting🤤.

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