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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie


Thank you very much for checking my work! Wild you were just typing her! I’ve been into her music a long time, her life story and song writing are absolutely incredible.

What is the criteria for a function being conscious? If there were some Se signals in that video that were fairly few and far between and certainly not at the same level as the others, is it conscious? Or is it just unconscious Se poking through? I know that for my own typing video there were lots of Te signals, so many that Auburn suggested I may be TeNi |-||, but not enough to be FiSe ||-| because the frequency of the signals was not on par with Fi and Se. Could that be the case here? She seems double introverted, but again, I’m not too experienced in vultology 🙂 thank you for including explanations!!

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