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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

Hi! I’ve never typed anyone before, and I’m pretty shaky on the signals, but I thought I’d be fun to give you some data from a complete novice!

I chose to do Adrienne Lenker of the band Big Thief. Here’s the video I watched:

My results are as such –

Probably FiSe |-|-
Maybe TiSe |-|-
Less likely FiNe |—

Crap! I couldn’t get the copy/paste to work! I’m on a chromebook, if that’s data you need. Oh well, I’ll manually input the results below!

J – 5

All J signals seen, some only fleetingly, like in the case of angular motion. She does very little hand signaling, but the ones she does are not examples of casual hands. They are all representing something. Very rigid posture.

Ji – 5

All Ji signals seen, some fleetingly, as in the case of exerted push and momentum halting. She has very little momentum to halt. Almost always disengages eyes when speaking.

Pi – 3/5

Inertial energy, Diagonal Eye-Drifts, worldview rambling.

Fi – 7/10

Resting tension, snarling smile (only saw the snarl once, all other smiles did not snarl), asymmetrical mouth (again, only seen for a second), sprite-like voice (speaks in almost a whisper), excessive contempt (only a few times), wobbling lips, fi breaking through cheeks. At one point mentions the Fi phenomena of permeability and attributes this to artists in general.

Ti – 4/10

stop-start articulation, puppeteer hands (I may not know the difference between Ti hands and just Ji hands), technical glitching (may have been Ji exerted push coming through in speech), placid smile (may have just been polite shyness).

Ni – 4/10

Abstract rambling, cryptic speech, grounded inertia, esoteric Se channeling (not sure what this is, but a portion of her speech at one point is very abstract/spiritual in context, but very vivid in Se imagery and sense-heavy description.) Literally mentions the concept of synchronicity and seems to believe in it’s existence.

Se – 3/10

Locked-on eyes, high sensitivity (mentions being highly sensitive multiple times), pointed eye toggles (lots of these, some may be Ji disengaging eyes though.

Overall, I gave my assessment of FiSe |-|- because she seems very high in Ji, probably Fi, and seems to have Ni conscious. She does not seem to be an Ni native though, and most likely leads with Fi. I hope I’m not just typing her as FiSe because it’s my type! It makes sense she would be though, because I really relate to her music, and I’ve been finding that a lot of celebrity FiSes are musicians I love.

I’d highly appreciate somebody checking my work!

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