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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Um. Im basically the fifth teletubby.


Ha ha

uhm, everyone says im really nice.

im friendly i think. I get along with most people. I have picky food tastes but in a “eat anything” mood i will eat fine foods, usually most expensive on the menu if i can afford it. I did theatre in high school and mainly stuck to that group. Wasnt very athletic so sports was a no go for this SeTi. One of my favorite subjects in school was sculpture- i was one of the few students in the advanced class. I recommend it to Ti Se types too. Its a great way to feel connected and happy.


But my talents were always in performing and creative stuff. When i was very little i could lead a small group of people i knew well.


I really identify with Fe a lot and am very aware of peoples moods. Sometimes i break that Fe vibe tho and wish i could back track somehow and fix it. I hate that im only funny half the time, but i figure it comes with the SeTi territory.

If anyone has any specific questions they can ask me. Normally an open book.

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