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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Throughout my life I have always been attracted to dominant people, in particular women. I think because safety is a primary concern for me that I felt I could be protected in some way once I established a relationship but this inevitably leads to conflicts.

Finding out I use Se and Ti just confirms this kind of attraction to stronger personalities and makes sense to me. In Socionics literature ESTPs throughout life tend to be attracted to strong personalities and tend to repeat these patterns again and again. Over time I have learned I really hate aggression and dominance as entertaining as it can be at times.

using CT as a guide and remembering the body language of some of these types I can see that in general most Te types are not “good” for me in a long term sense. I don’t try to type people and just analyze them at that, since I am always doubting peoples types and our perceptions of each other in general but I think I had an SeFi friend for a while. 8 years to be exact until we had to split up because we grew apart in our opinions and our approach. She would attack me in little jabs all the time and when my cup grows full the beast comes out, and in the end we just couldn’t take the force of each others personalities.

Experience has taught me to be cautious with people and I know how to do so while also being upfront, honest and genuine.

With my recent experience with other betas I found that they were very sympathetic to my issues and I felt like they were interested in, and applying themselves to support me. I left the conversation feeling a little strange but the rest of my day was good and I took that as a good sign. Watching the video with my alpha parents it was clear the differences in reaction to my problems. Betas are interested in the crazy talk while alphas seem to shun it, not believing in anything psychic, mystic or otherwise related.

I also am not sure if my parents are alphas but they will both be getting Vultology reports soon so that might make this example clearer.

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