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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive



Margin of Error:
Most likely: NeTi
Less likely: N/A
Unlikely: Anything Else (SeTi?)

Pewdiepie seems to be a very straightforward NeTi. There is only a very minor signal mixing of Se-esque tautness which is actually just youthfulness from his previous videos. But even then, his eyes-toggles and overall scatteredness (+ tangent-hoppings / parodies) abound. Here is a video of him when he was younger, where the Pe-lead energy is evident:

And we can see the Ne eyes more closely here:

His development seems to change with time, and I think he may be NeTi l-l- at this stage in his life. He is a lot like Jim Carrey in some ways, especially in how he uses himself as a “prop” for entertainment– exaggerating his reactions in his video game walkthroughs and doing immitations/parodies.

Also, hey he’s getting married!

p.s. Totally gives me @puffs vibes.

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