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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Michael Gira


Margin of Error:
Most likely: SiFe l–l (l-ll) + Flat Affect
Less likely: NeTi
Unlikely: Other Alpha

Oh dear, we have a complex character here!

Firstly, his baseline development appears to be SiFe l–l as we can see here:



^ Pi Fixed Gaze + Si Lightweight Inertia

Si + Ne:


Pe Body Swaying.. while keeping P Eye-Centricity and Pi Fixed Gaze

He’s of the same shade as Leonard Cohen and Mark Kessell, I think.

But in other interviews we also see the presence of Ti! Now I may be wrong here but I think what we are seeing in this interview is SiFe with Ti+Ne conscious:



^ Ji Meticulous Hands + Ji Momentum Halting



^ Ji Meticulous Hands (Ti Puppeteer Hands) + Pe Bubbling Momentum

And here above we see the full combo of reviser functions… and yet when we look closely we can tell that this combo exists within a confined Conductor vector.. still guided and dominated by Pi’s forward gaze/direction. I’d need to take a much deeper look at him to conform, but if so this would be a new development we haven’t seen before.


Psychologically, we see plenty of Si anecdotal information/trivia, nostalgia, narrativism, etc. But his music style is haunting, in an unusual way. He does very dark cinematic accompaniments to his songs. Perhaps other members know him more and can offer their thoughts on him?

Perhaps not unrelated, he has flat affect:

^ Very clear in photos like this.

If so that’s another example of flat affect on an inverted development individual — further confirming the growing hypothesis that the two have some correlation.

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