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Thank you for sharing part of your journey with us. What a difficult journey it’s been. I enjoyed your interpretation of the dove symbol. It brought this song to mind (we were just talking about Dolly the other day in the Fi Tower):

I sat for a minute to think about what the dove means in the Flood story (also continuing antediluvian themes from the Tower in the previous comment onto the post). There is an almost symmetrical two way relationship between oneself and the dove, I think: You the send the dove forth, and the dove sends you. A bit of flow and tether, a bit of back and forth dialog, trust, and taking turns leading. It’s the spirit that directs.  Just as I typed this, I realized what I’m saying could be interpreted exactly as you had: Se explorer and Fe director.

As you mentioned attachment to pain, I got a picture of the post-Flood world: new, unrecognizable, not a single stone or marker left in place. It was a complete overhaul of the old. I relate to the attachment to not only pain but also perspective and familiar identity. The dove is the connection and bridge with the new. It’s the meek, gentle seeker that permits trust.

(@bera, when I saw that card on Amazon, it made me want to buy the deck!)

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