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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

(thanks for pointing me to the right name! edited)

Amazing post! I have been noticing very similar patterns too– but I like the way you encapsulate them.

I think this is part of what I’ve been calling the “ephemeral” quality of the Alpha reviser functions (Ti+Ne) + adaptive — which offers a proclivity to just stand back and see “what is”, almost as if they were a translucent consciousness observing it all from a distance and describing it in third-person. But the Beta quadrant has more difficulty remaining at such a distance, and instead there’s always a ‘presence’ which obliges them to content with the matter directly. As @alice elegantly put recently in another thread:

With both quadras, there is an overarching theme of the viscerality and unforgiving nature of life itself, and how we just kinda have to deal with it (gamma), or conquer it (beta)

This “confrontation with life” that Betas are subject to, almost forces them away from this vanishing approach. Although people like NiFe Ekhart Tolle do advocate for a level of detachment… it nonetheless still gets rooted in the “presence” of the moment (Se).

Another trend that seems relevant to share here is the intense focus on the individual that polarized Je-leads share. It also seems to be quite common in general for individuals to identify the polar function as the most important/relevant to their psyche, and that this trend is not actually exclusive to those individuals that have the polar function conscious by vultological standards, though having it fully conscious in that regard does seem to heighten the identification.

Right! This is a hypothesis I laid out in the book years ago, and it seems to still be the case — although much more investigation could be done about it. It makes sense in the context of enantiadromia for the polar to have the inverse, yet strongest, pull because of the heavier tension it has against the primary. The antagonism between the lead and polar functions brings the drama much more front-and-center in the psyche.

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